Banana Pudding Cake Cups

These Homemade Banana Pudding Cups are filled with banana slices, vanilla wafers, homemade vanilla pudding, and freshly whipped cream. What more could one want?

If you haven’t tried making homemade vanilla pudding you are missing out. It tastes so much better and makes these pudding cups extra special!

I pulled these homemade banana pudding cups up from the archives. Their pictures needed some attention and I completely scraped the text. It’s kind of fun going back through my old posts.

I can remember the day I made that particular item and whether it has become a family favorite or not.

Well, these pudding cups are for sure a family favorite. I don’t make these as often as just plain homemade vanilla pudding, mostly because I don’t have vanilla wafers on hand.

But when I do, my kids (and hubby) go crazy for these. It could be that they are in their little cup which somehow makes them extra special.

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