How to grow an endless supply of ginger

Ginger is an Asian root plant. Most commonly, ginger is ground up and used as a spice. You can use ginger in a variety of dishes and for medicinal purposes. Popular uses for ginger include tea, pies and Asian cuisine. Although ginger can be obtained at most grocery stores, you can also grow your own.

Keep reading to see three ways to grow this plant from the comfort of your own home.

1. Presprout:

The most important part of starting ginger is that you’ll need to prep the seed for about six weeks before it will grow properly.

Choose an organic piece of ginger from the store for planting (treatments from chemicals prevent non-organic from sprouting).

Place the piece in a small container with drainage holes in the bottom.

Put a small amount of soil in the bottom of the container and add about a half inch of soil above the seed.

Add plenty of water and cover.

Soil temperature should be around 70 degrees for the next six to eight weeks.

Once the sprout appears, you can plant it in a larger container.

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